Team Training

Come together as a team

Competition and the will to win is what drives coaches and players every year to embark in the gruelling battle of competitive sport. At SPT we understand the passion and fire of competitive individuals and provide them with the tools necessary to succeed. Teams that share and conquer challenges and adversity become seasoned and successful, learning to work together to achieve common goals.

We believe not only in the Long-Term Athlete Development of individuals, but also of teams. There are many levels of performance in sport, some easier to identify than others, each dependent on age, experience, and commitment. We have the expertise to work with coaches in identifying what areas of athletic development would lead to the greatest performance improvement of their club now, and into the future.

1 on 1 Athlete Training

For individual sport athletes or for individuals who would rather work in a one on one environment. We can cater to the specific needs of an athlete and can train them both in-season and off-season in this program.

1SQ Offseason

1st SQ – (GFS) General Fitness Series - Designed for athletes 10 years of age and up looking to get in shape or aggressively challenge their conditioning. The (GFS) focus will be to improve the athlete’s ability to finish the game with the same intensity as the beginning of the game. Through the use of our systematic approach to training, athletes will improve their stamina allowing for a more consistent performance from start to finish.

1st SQ – (APS) Athletic Performance Series: The first program in our Performance Series, the (APS) was created for athletes looking to gain a performance edge on the competition. The APS introduces athletes to the fundamental “performance” qualities of speed, strength, power, and stamina. Athletes will be introduced to Olympic weightlifting, explosive jumps - throws, and sprint techniques.

1st SQ – (SPS) Sport Performance Series: Developed for intermediate athletes at the rep. levels with aspirations to pursue collegiate or junior level opportunities, the (SPS) is the ideal progression for those athletes completing (ASP). The second program in our Performance Series, the (SPS) will place a greater focus of training on the specific demands of the sport, and the individual needs of the athlete. Athletes will work to improve the key performance qualities of speed, strength, and power..

1st SQ – (PPS) Pro Performance Series: Designed for minor-professional, collegiate and junior players looking to contend at the professional level, this advanced program will aggressively prepare athletes with the necessary improvements to perform at their best when it counts most. Our individualized programs will focus on the specific needs of each athlete and quickly produce the results essential for advancement in competitive sports.

1st Step Quickness

Leveraging the power of experience is a unique advantage when you choose to train at SPT. Over the course of 20 years we have been refining our programs with some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the fields of athletic development and sports science - particularly the late Charlie Francis.

Utilizing and incorporating Charlie’s expertise and 35+ years of experience in developing some of the world’s fastest and most powerful human beings has allowed us to create industry-leading training programs over the past decade. Our First Step Quickness - Performance Training Series is one of the key by-product programs of those critical relationships and time and again the program of choice of many of this regions’ elite and up-and coming athletes.

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